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This site has information about how to provide short term care for sick, injured or orphaned British wild animals and birds until a suitable rescue or rehab centre is found. You are not allowed to keep a wild animal or bird as a pet and MUST do everything possible to get it treated, rehabilitated and released back to the wild.  

Wild animals and birds may seem cute and appealing when young but as they mature and  develop, they could prove destructive and possibly dangerous to the inexperienced. Please let them live out their lives naturally in the wild and do not try to tame them.

           Please search here  Site Index  for your nearest rescue centre, info and advice.

               In an emergency: please use google or other browser to search for wildlife help in your area as soon as possible
Because of ill health, I am no longer able to respond to enquiries and will be removing this website by the end of 2020.

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