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Blackbird / Thrush  / Starling

Not flying
May have left the nest too soon and not be strong enough to fly up to a safe perch.

These birds spend a lot of time on the ground as they feed on worms, snails and bugs; try and see if it is feeding itself.
Make sure it can escape a predator by trying to catch it.
If it can flutter up a few feet, try leaning a stick up against a tree or shrub so it can get to a safe perch.

Not flying, but parent birds nearby, calling to it
If you can catch the bird, lift it onto the lower branches of a tree or to the top of a tall shrub or hedge.
It will be able to rest in safety before flying off with the parents

On ground, listless
If it looks unwell or is in danger from cats, catch it and take to a rescue centre in a darkened box.

If you can catch the bird without too much trouble it is usually in need of help.