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                    Caught by cat
May have puncture wounds or internal injuries.
Handle with care, they have sharp little teeth.
Place in a sturdy box lined with a towel and take to a rescue centre.

                    Above ground

If inert, it may have been poisoned.
Beware of the teeth, put into a secure box lined with a small towel and take to a rescue centre.

If moving rapidly, it is either a male in search of a mate or a juvenile looking for a new territory.
Moles can move very quickly above ground but are only rarely seen.
Keep watch from a distance. It should disappear into a mole hill or start digging a new tunnel before too long.

If it seems disorientated and is in danger from machinery or predators, pick up with thick gloves, put into a sturdy
pet carrier and take to a rescue centre for a check-up.

Rescue Centres