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Squirrel problems

baby squirrels

Tiny, blind baby
Is the mother is still around?  Has the nest been destroyed?
Why is it out of the nest? Are trees being cut down nearby?
Very young squirrels are never seen unless their nest has been destroyed or they are orphaned.
Often in early spring, gardeners think they are pulling down an empty magpie nest and find 2 to 5 young squirrels in
     a cosy, carefully built drey.
Gather up the babies and the warm, inner remains of the nest, put them in a box or bucket near the tree and let the
     mother squirrel have a chance to rescue them.   She will have run away in terror when the nest was damaged but will be
     somewhere nearby, waiting for the chance to rescue the babies.
Give her time by stopping the work and moving away for a while.
Squirrels are devoted parents and usually will locate the youngsters within about an hour and move them to another nest site.
If for some reason the mother does not come back within 2-3 hours, the babies will need to be warmed (see below) and
        taken to a rescue centre for rearing.
Don’t leave them outside for longer than about 3 hoursin cold weather as babies lose heat quickly and will need feeding.

                    Baby squirrel on ground
If you find a very small baby squirrel on the ground, treat it gently as it may have fallen from a tree.
Is it warm
Put it in a small box or container lined with warm material (shredded paper, kitchen roll etc.) and take it to a wildlife centre for a check- up.
It may have lost its mother and be dehydrated or injured. 
Is it cold?
Wrap a hot water bottle or small plastic drink bottle filled with hot water in an old towel, put it in a box and place the baby squirrel on top to warm it up.
Get it to a rescue centre as soon as possible.

Baby squirrel following you, sitting on your foot, climbing your leg
This is a newly weaned baby who is out of the home territory and wants a mother substitute.
Have a look around; if there are other young squirrels nearby it may rejoin them if you take it to them.
If you can't find the family but could look after it in a hutch or cage for a few days it should then be able to survive alone.
Provide a nest area full of straw and feed with wild bird mix, sunflower seeds, chopped apple, mixed nuts, grapes, fresh sweet corn and drinking water in a heavy bowl.
If you can’t provide short term help, take it to a rescue centre.

Squirrel adult/juvenile, lying on ground.
It needs to be eased into a box or carrier but extreme caution is advised, as frightened squirrels will inflict a painful bite.
Cover with an old towel, tuck the ends under the animal and gently ease into a carrier by using something like a dustpan or shovel. 
Keep fingers out of range of the teeth and do not attempt to pick it up in a bare hand. 
Make sure that the carrier is secure - having a miraculously revived squirrel running about in the car is not the most enjoyable experience.
Squirrel up a tree, on a fence / bird table / window ledge and not moving at all
Squirrels can go into a catatonic state after a shock or being chased.
If it is away from danger from cats or dogs, it is best to leave it alone to recover gradually.
If it is in a vulnerable position, cover with a thick towel and ease into a box with a broom or dustpan.
Leave in a shed or garage where it can easily escape when it recovers.
Sometimes just touching it will break the trance and the squirrel will run off.

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