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Barcelona, Spain
Centre de Recuperacio fe Fauna
08017 Barcelona
All wildlife
Cadiz, Spain Jerez de la Fra CRAS - Spain 0103456 182397 / 184207 All wildlife rehabilitation, orphans, nestlings, particularly raptors

Holland 3708 JB Zeist Netherlands Soc Protection of Birds 01031 3404 25406 Environmental/conservation group. Co-ordinate 150 bird hospitals

Georgia Tbilisi Nacres (99532) 537125 conservation of endangered species. Wolf, bear, biodiversity

Republic of Ireland Bray Brayvet Animal Hospital 00 3531 282 1909 short term care

 Future for Animals Foundation

No-kill animal sanctuary rescuing and caring for ill treated dogs and cats in Bulgaria. 
Aim to provide a lifelong, loving home for every pet.
Czech Republic
Various locations
Wildlife sanctuaries, habitat management, ecology etc.
Useful and informative website with rescue centre map, info pages and contact numbers