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Birds of Prey

On the ground near a large window, overhead wires etc.

t has probably flown into the glass or an obstruction and may be concussed. 
Place it in a dark, ventilated box or cat carrier and keep it quiet and warm while you take it to a rescue centre.
Sometimes the bird will recover on the journey so after a check up it may be fit for you to take home and release.
Place the carrier on the ground in an open area, prop the door open and move away.
It may take a few minutes before the bird emerges and flies into the nearest big tree.

Ill or injured

Gently wrap the bird in a small towel or cloth and take it to a rescue centre or vet in a cat basket or secure box. 
Keep clear of the talons - there is comparatively little danger from the beak. 
Keep the bird dark, warm and quiet, they are very nervous.

Young, on ground under tree

Nests are occasionally blown down in bad weather and it is usually  impossible to get them back to the nest. 
They will have to go to a rescue centre or specialist to he hand reared.